Rose Wulf

Where love is magic 

Rose Wulf is a multi-award-winning author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She joined PEP in 2023.
She currently has two completed series, another ongoing, and several standalone titles available to choose from. 
Rose writes MF romance with a variety of tropes, and always one absolute guarantee: that sweet, sweet HEA. 

Check out her website above to learn more about her and her current works. 

Meet the

De Salvo Family

Don’t miss this brand new mafia series that follows the De Salvo family! The action is hot and the sex is hotter!

Possible triggers include:
Anxiety, BDSM (mild), Betrayal, Blood, Body disfiguration, Car sex, Child abuse (off-page), Controlling behavior, Corrupt law enforcement, Death, Decapitation, Domestic abuse (past), Emotional abuse, Exhibitionism, Explosions, Expulsion of bodily fluids, Fire torture, Flagrant violation of seatbelt laws, Forced abortion (past), Gang violence, Graphic sexual content, Gratuitous violence, Gun violence, Injury, Intimidation, Kidnapping, Knife violence, Manipulation, Mental abuse, Murder, Murder on film (non-sexual), Obsessive behavior, Physical abuse, Possessive MMC, Rape (past, implied), Stalking, Strong language, Threats of violence, Torture, Traumatized FMC, Unprotected sex, Use of fire as a weapon